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Nevada Housing Division Home Is Possible Home Buyer Grant

Awesome news for all of you contemplating buying a home in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas or Henderson! The Nevada Housing Division wants to help with a 4% grant to help with your down payment and closing costs. Watch this brief video for the complete rundown on this fantastic Nevada Housing Division Home Is Possible downpayment and closing cost grant!

Down payment and closing cost assistance for home buyers in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas that you do not have to repay! It's a grant!

A few examples:

Loan amount:     $140,000         Grant: $ 5,600

                              $175,000                      $ 7,000

                              $200,000                      $ 8,000

                              $230,000                      $ 9,200

                              $250,000                      $10,000

FHA Max Loan    $271,050                     $10,842

Max Grant           $400,000                     $16,000

ADD this to my $500 Commission Rebate and you are really saving a bundle! 

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