Holy cow! The March 2017 numbers are in, and we have a SELLERS' MARKET! Check out the chart below. The median price continues to move up - up more than 10% over March 2016. But what drives this is the LACK OF INVENTORY! Thank goodness appraisers are keeping a firm reign on pricing with very conservative appraisals or we would be blowing up another explosive bubble in home prices. BUYERS ARE DESPERATE! We are getting multiple offers on most homes listed below $280,000.

BUYERS: make sure you have a strong loan recommendation before submitting an offer. It should be contingent only on appraised value and no major changes in your circumstances. Underwriter approval is a must!

SELLERS: we need your homes! If you are planning to move, scroll up to the "About Us" drop down menu and "Contact Us". We will be in touch by the NEXT BUSINESS DAY or sooner! 

Check the chart below. There is currently a less than two month supply of homes currently without offer.